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Omar is a chess computer program. It is a game programmed by an amateur programmer, and its chess strength is not really good. However the code is quite clean and simple, it has been programmed in C++ and this is the code documentation.

Omar and Guimar

Omar is a console chess program in ANSI C++ that satisfies the XBOARD protocol version 1. Guimar is a Windows program that communicates directly with Omar giving it an user interface.

-Omar was mostly programmed on a i386 computer at 20Mhz, and in its first stages was able to run under UNIX/LINUX. Multiplatform compiling has been abandoned, and although there are a few Windows-dependant parts of the code, it mostly adheres the ANSI C++ specifications. It is able to run with any XBOARD protocol enabled chess program (most of those commercially available), and of course Winboard and Arena. This means that the program can probably be plugged to your favourite chess program. Anyway, I donīt see many reasons for you to do this.

-Guimar (GUI Omar) is a graphical user interface that I developed to test and debug Omar. It has been developed with Visual C++ 6.0, although it has also been compiled successfully with Visual Studio .NET.


So far it has been compiled with:

About the name

Omar Khayyam was a persian poet and philosopher who loved chess.

Victor Rodriguez Doncel, 2003-3006

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