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Omar Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
CBoardClass that represent a chessboard, with no rules
CChessBoardCChessBoard is a Board with the Chess rules
CChessClockCChessClock represents a chess clock
CChessMemoryClass that stores and retrieves positions already known
CGameThis class represents a chess game
CInterfaceThis is the input/output interface It is a singleton as there is only one screen, keyboard etc
CMemoryChessBoardCMemoryChessBoard It is just the ChessBoard that are stored in the Omar memory
CPGNManagerCPGNManager is PGN files manager
CPlayerThis is the definition of an abstract player It is a pure virtual class
CPlayerHumanThis is a human player
CvroddonThis is the core engine class
MovStructure to represent a basic movement

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